More than a weekly special. Enjoy our delicious Authentic Mexican Dishes. Served from 11:00 am. to 3:00 pm. Iced tea Included.

  1. MON

    • Mayan Style Pit Pork Enchilada
    Slow roasted tender cochinita pibl pork in red chipotle marinade, wrapped in two warm corn tortillas, topped with our signature tomate sauce. Served with Rice and Beans.

    • Albondigas Beef
    Our Mexican meatballs simmered with rice and tomato sauce. Served with rice and beans.
  2. TUE

    • Gorditas
    Two homemade corn tortillas. Filled with tinga de pollo or picadillo, lettuce and queso fresco. Served with rice and beans.

    • Enchiladas Verdes
    Two chicken enchiladas topped with tomatillo sauce. Served with rice and beans.
  3. WED

    • Enfrijoladas
    Two chicken or cheese enchiladas dipped into bean sauce, topped with crumbly cheese and cream. Served with rice and green salad.

    • Asado de Puerco
    Traditional Mexican pork stew made with Cascabel chili sauce. Served with rice and refried beans.
  4. THU

    • Pozole
    Seasoned hominy soup with diced pork, garnished with onions, radishes, oregano, shredded lettuce and crispy corn tostadas.

    • Tacos Ensenada
    Two soft fish tacos in corn tortilla topped with shredded cabbage and mango relish.
  5. FRI

    • Mexican Pork Chops
    Zesty pork chops simmered in a tasty tomato and chorizo sauce. Served with rice and beans.

    • Chile Relleno
    Poblano pepper filled with picadillo or queso fresco topped with a tomato and chipotle sauce. Served with rice and beans.