In San Antonio, Texas, we have mastered Tex-Mex cuisine – so much in fact, that it’s hard to find authentic Mexican food. Vida Mia brought true Mexican cuisine to the big city. Whenever we need a place to eat for breakfast, we have to choose between American food and Tex-Mex food.

Tex-Mex food and Mexican food don’t seem very different until you try it! In Mexico, you can still find eggs, toast, and tacos for breakfast, but the flavors really speak for themselves.
When you visit Vida Mia for breakfast, you will be greeted with complimentary gorditas to start your morning. Our gorditas are slightly sweet and can fit in the palm of our hand – the perfect size to dip into your cup of fresh roasted coffee. Don’t fill yourself up, though, because there’s so much more to look forward to! Here are some of our favorite breakfast plates at Vida Mia:

Chilaquiles: Vida Mia

The San Antonio Current called Vida Mia the “Best Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio.” If you’re a first-timer here, you must try our award-winning chilaquiles! There are many restaurants in San Antonio that serve chilaquiles, but not many that are traditional and authentic.

In Mexico, there are a number of ways to make chilaquiles. Chilaquiles actually means “chilis” and “greens” in ancient Nahuatl. Chilaquiles are fried tortilla pieces with hot sauce poured over them. It is common to add extra ingredients and garnishes, like chicken, eggs, queso fresco, and more.

Our Vida Mia Chilaquiles are served with two different salsas and are stuffed with shredded chicken. The best way we can describe it is crunchy, tangy, and unique. If nachos were flavorful, light, and eaten for breakfast, they might be mistaken for chilaquiles!

Chilaquiles: Enmolados

When some traditional Mexican families make chilaquiles, they replace the salsa with mole. Since Vida Mia loves to stick to tradition, we created the Enmolados Chilaquiles, another fan favorite! Our mole is a house recipe that is unique to Vida Mia.

If you’re not familiar with mole, it is a thick, rich, chocolate-tinged sauce. Yes, you read that correctly – chocolate. Mole has a sweet, rich sauce that so many people love. Someone who doesn’t like spicy foods or someone who has a sweet tooth would enjoy mole chilaquiles.

El Gallito

Get ready for the breakfast of champions. El Gallito means “little rooster” in Spanish, and this little rooster will definitely wake your taste buds up the in the morning.

El Gallito is one of our most ordered breakfast items. It starts with a huarache (oblong, fried masa) and is topped with refried beans, eggs, and salsa with your choice of chicharrón or barbacoa. You can also customize this dish for whatever you’re craving. You get to pick the style of eggs and your favorite salsas to craft the perfect gallito for you. Don’t forget, you also get to choose your side of meat. Let’s call this… the ultimate breakfast sandwich – without all the carbs.


If you’re a bread lover, you’ll love this dish. Molletes are a traditional breakfast item in Mexico. Molletes are baked, crusty baguettes that are layered with refried beans, jack cheese, and any other toppings.

At Vida Mia, our molletes plate comes with three different styles: one topped with bits of crispy bacon, one topped with homemade chorizo, and one topped with “rajas” poblano peppers. The baguette is soft and fluffy, but baked to a light crisp. If you’re feeling hungry, this dish will leave you full and satisfied.

Tacos de la Calle

This dish might finally sound familiar to you…street tacos! Street tacos are specific to Mexico and are usually made from corn tortillas. Most restaurants in San Antonio have homemade flour tortillas, but they don’t give corn tortillas the attention they deserve. At Vida Mia, we give both tortillas some love. We make fresh handmade corn and flour tortillas every single day!

On our taco menu, you’ll still find the tacos you love like bean and cheese, bacon and egg, chorizo and egg, and more. However, you’ll also find authentic tacos like machado con huevo, deshebrada, and atropellado.

Get a Taste of Mexico at Vida Mia

If you’re craving eggs, pancakes, fruit, or traditional Mexican food, visit us at Vida Mia! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should treat it as such! All of our dishes are made from scratch, and we have something that everyone in your family can enjoy! If you don’t believe us, check out our menu. Vida Mia has two convenient locations in San Antonio, one on Bulverde Road and one in Stone Oak. Come see what all the hype is about!