A family-owned restaurant serving authentic Mexican cuisine, Vida Mia is located in San Antonio, Texas. Created as a way to share their authentic dishes, which are indigenous to Monterrey, Mexico, the original restaurant was called Cuauhcalli, which means the house of eagles in the language of Nahuatl native. For almost 40 years, they have cooked their fair share of beans, tortillas, soups, tacos, hamburgers and many other dishes, which customers love just as much as the staff does. Although they have since relocated to America, the authentic Mexican spirit in which the restaurant was created is still alive and well.

For those seeking authentic Mexican food in San Antonio, the search is over! Vida Mia is now in two convenient locations in San Antonio, Texas, so stop by either location to enjoy the following appetizers, meals and specials.


For those seeking some deliciously catered food for their next event, Vida Mia has that covered. No matter if the event is going to take place at the restaurant or if the food is simply going to be ordered and delivered elsewhere, having an event catered by Vida Mia could be one of the best party planning decisions ever made. With items such as chalupa bars, salad bars, taco bars and samplers, among other things, these delectable dishes will give the next shindig an authentic Mexican appeal.

Party Room

As mentioned, customers have the option to rent out a party room for gatherings and events. With a total of nine separate package options, guests can personalize the menu to their liking. The following is a quick overview of the available packages:

  • Mexican Brunch — At $15 per guest, customers can create their own menu by choosing three items from a variety of brunch options.
  • Vida Mia Special — At a rate of $13.49 per guest, customers gets two enchiladas, rice and beans, and a dessert.
  • Business Lunch — For $14.49 per guest, clients can choose a lunch option, which will be served to you and all their guests.
  • Mexican Fiesta — At a rate of $16.49 per guest, once can select three items from a list of options for them and their guests.
  • Taco Bar — Served with rice, refried beans, handmade flour or corn tortillas, guacamole, chips, and three different salsas, choose up to three flavors at the following rates: Taco Bar 1 Flavor $ 16.49; Taco Bar 2 Flavors $18.49; Taco Bar 3 Flavors $20.99.
  • Mexican Dinner — For $18.99 per person, customers receive the following: Tampiquena (grilled Arrachera steak, served with a cheese enchilada norteña fluffy rice, refried beans, guacamole, rajas poblanas and chips with three different salsas), salsa and chips, and a beverage.
  • Angel Chicken — For $17.49 per person, guests will receive a serving of angel chicken (chicken breast stuffed with cream cheese and spinach and wrapped in bacon), as well as their choice of two sides and a beverage.
  • Fiesta Buffet — For $17.49 per person, customers receive three entrees, as well as chips and salsa, handmade tortillas, and guacamole.
  • Kids Menu — No need to break the bank, Vida Mia also caters to the kids. They are able to choose one entrée for just $9.99.
  • Decoration Package — For $80, Vida Mia will decorate the party room to the client’s liking. The restaurant provides things such as colored napkins, table runners, signs, flowers, centerpieces and much more, so customers can just bring their appetite to their event and leave the rest to them.


Vida Mia offers an array of lunch specials from Monday to Friday. Stop in between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for some delicious food at a discounted price. The following is a look at the present specials:


Albónigas — Meatballs, zucchini, carrots, tomato, cilantro. OR Panuchos Cochinita — Pulled pork, corn tortillas, a layer of beans, red onions. Served with rice.


Milanesas de Pollo — breaded chicken breast. OR Guisado Norteño Cortadillo — beef stew. Rice and Beans.


Asado de Puerco — Pork stew, cascabel chili. OR Tostadas — Two corn tostadas with beans, lettuce and tomato. Chicken or beef, cream, and avocado salsa. Served with rice.


Torre Azteca — Corn tostada tower layered with beans, chicken and green salsa, topped with rajas poblanas. Served with rice. OR Picadillo Ranchero — ground beef stew and potatoes.


Chiles Rellenos — Poblano pepper stuffed with picadillo or cheese. Red salsa on top. Rice and beans. Or Fish Tacos — Tempura tilapia, cabbage, mango Relish. Served with rice.

No matter the day, the price of the meal is just $8.29!

Vegan Menu

There is also a variety of options for vegans, including veggie soup, ceviche (raw), green enchiladas (choose from a variety of high-quality vegan ingredients) and chilaquiles, as well as an array of sides.

For those who live in the San Antonio area, Vida Mia offers a variety of authentic Mexican dishes from either of their two convenient locations. No matter if customers are stopping in for appetizers and drinks, a lunch special, or a full-on banquet, Vida Mia is fully equipped to serve and cater to individuals and parties of up to 30 guests. No need to spend life searching for the most authentic Mexican food in the region, Vida Mia has it covered.