When a tourist is looking for Mexican restaurants in the San Antonio area, most of the locals will tell them that the best place to find authentic Mexican food is at a family-owned establishment. Vida Mia is one of these restaurants that offer authentic Monterrey Mexican food in a cozy, homey atmosphere. This ambiance comes from the fact that it is family-owned and has been in business over four decades. Their success comes from the hard work that the family has devoted to the restaurant, and the delicious aromas and flavors that result from their labors.

Popularity of Mexican Food

According to the National Restaurant Association, Mexican cuisine holds the No. 2 spot in favorite ethnic cuisines in America — it is overshadowed only by Chinese food. More than 80 percent of people in America eat ethnic cuisine at least once a month, and their favorite place to try it is at a restaurant that is focused on that particular cuisine.

One of the reasons that Mexican food is so pleasing is because it is flavorful and filling. The textures and seasonings tease the palate and provide nutrition as well as enjoyment. As Americans look toward Mexican foods to fill their dinner tables, their horizons expand, and they start to crave the excitement that the different flavors provide.

A Bit of History About Vida Mia

The owners of Vida Mia didn’t start out to become restaurant entrepreneurs, but the delicious foods that were common fare in their household were famous in Monterrey, Mexico. The Ramos family decided that they had to find a way to sell the tasty Mexican dishes to their friends and acquaintances from their small and humble abode. What started out as a way to earn a few extra dollars quickly expanded to owning a restaurant in the city. Locals just couldn’t get enough of the entrees and desserts that the Ramos family created.

The menu started out with simple fare, made with nutritious natural ingredients, such as maize, wheat, flour, raw milk, brown sugar and natural bee honey. The Ramos family also utilized the many fruits and vegetables they grew on their own land.

The drug violence in Monterrey became so rampant that once their Vida Mia restaurant became successful in San Antonio, the Ramos family decided to make the city their permanent home. The location of their first San Antonio-based Mexican restaurant is in Stone Oak, and the second location is in Bulverde.

Then and Now

When the Ramos family was selling Mexican food from their home, the menu was simple, yet tasty. The traditional recipes were handed down over generations, but originally soups, tacos, corn chips, and burgers were the only offerings. For those with a sweet tooth, they offered popsicles, pies and ice cream. They could serve food only in the afternoons because they were still in college in the early ’70s.

Later on, there was always a supply of warm, homemade flour tortillas, which they used to wrap around machacado or chorizo with egg and refried beans. At noon, there was always a hearty stew served with corn tortillas, a chicken and rice dish, or even hamburgers layered with refried beans on Sunday. Tortillas, soup, and beans were the mainstays in the family meals, and from there the creativity and ingenuity of the Ramos family helped develop the more complicated dishes that are sold in the restaurants today.

As the hours and menu were expanded, dishes such as potato salad, rice or pasta, stuffed peppers, roast pork, rump roast, mole chicken, entomatadas, and other Mexican dishes tempted the crowds into the restaurant. The Ramos family jokes that their top-secret recipe for their red chile sauce is the reason so many people simply can’t resist their food. It is featured in many of their spicy and sinfully delicious entrees.

Today, Vida Mia offers daily lunch specials where diners can feast on dishes such as Albondigas, Panuchos Cochinita, Milanesas de Pollo or Guisado Norteño. They also feature specials such as Asado de Puerco, Tostadas, Picadillo Ranchero, Torre Azteca, Chiles Rellenos or the ever-popular Fish Tacos.

What Makes Vida Mia Different

Vida Mia uses old family recipes that have been passed down for generations. They utilize the freshest quality ingredients to prepare all the foods offered on their menu. Whether guests want to try timeless classics like tacos, chile rellenos or a new entree that they’ve never even heard about, their senses will tingle with delight once the aromas of authentic Mexican dishes fill the air. After the first tasty bite tickles the taste buds, the contentment that follows is that which only authentic Mexican dishes can inspire.

The Ramos family isn’t in the restaurant business simply to make money. Preparing and cooking tantalizing foods is a passion for them. Their desire is for diners who enter their restaurant weary from their long day of work but leave feeling rejuvenated and energized after savoring their dishes made with quality ingredients.

When searching for authentic Mexican food in Stone Oak, go to the place where the smoky, spicy and tangy flavors of true Mexican dishes can be savored. Try Vida Mia today; you and your dining partners won’t regret it!