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Reminiscing about our childhood brings back aromas and sounds of our own home, and especially those from that of the kitchen, where our mother spent long hours, first off the smell covered the basic needs of a family of six children, then thanks to her fondness for pastry, she added the sweet touch of home which was personal and unlike any house in the neighborhood.

Eating well was to enjoy the natural benefits of the nutrition such as maize, wheat, flour, raw milk, brown sugar, natural bee honey, and the immense variety of fruits and vegetables from our land.

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7 a.m.3 p.m.

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7 a.m.9:30 p.m.

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For nearly forty years now, we have cooked tons of beans; have made millions of flour tortillas, soups, tacos, hamburgers, and many liters of main secret to all our meals: our special red chile sauce, etc.

We have employed dozens of workers at Cuauhcalli, which was the original restaurant name since 1972, a word that means the house of eagles in the Nahuatl native language.

Life leads us in unexpected ways sometimes, and even with that, we remain free and masters of our fate. We can always just close down the curtains and hide those flavors that we have shared with thousands of people. Or we can take and rewrite history by expanding the original niche penetrating the area and the boundaries in which we were born. We train and live, we earn a feeling of full fulfillment at work.

Life is movement and there are always many dreams to fulfill, blue skies and favorable winds to blow, many people to share laughs with and share delightful taste sensations.

We can not go back to being kids, but we can give a new direction or restart the adventure to continue enjoying and sharing the aromas and sounds of our native cuisine.

From all this birth is given to VIDA MIA – Bon appetite.

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Weekly Specials

Served from 11:00 am. to 3:00 pm. Iced tea Included.





Panuchos Cochinita



Milanesas de Pollo


Guisado Norteño



Asado de Puerco





Picadillo Ranchero


Torre Azteca



Chiles Rellenos


Fish Tacos



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