Authentic Mexican Dishes



An indulgent and irresistible combination of spice, CRUNCH, and creaminess. Prepared with corn tortilla chips, melted OAXACA CHEESE, Mexican CREAM and your choice of salsa accompanied by refried beans and PICO DE GALLO on top. Eggs are made fried or scrambled.

Vida Mia
Eggs $8.29 / Chicken $8.99

Award Winning Chilaquiles!


Try’em with machacado and red salsa.
Simply Delicious!

Diego and Frida
Eggs $8.99 / Chicken 9.59

Satisfy your craving with half red half green salsa.

$8.99 / Add eggs for $1.19

The ones with chorizo and our signature green salsa.

Speedy González
Eggs $9.29 / Chicken $9.99

Hot Stuff, only for machos!

Eggs $10.29 / Chicken $11.19

Napped with our house recipe mole sauce.

Eggs $8.99 / Chicken or beef $11.69

Our famous frijol salsa and homemade chorizo.

$10.99 / Add eggs $1.39

Pasilla salsa and delicioso chicharrón.

Vitola (Skinny Girl)
Eggs $7.99 / Chicken $8.39

Our lightest version. Farmers cheese and ranchero sauce. No more guilt.

Egg Lover Plates

Unless noted all plates are served with our signature breakfast potatoes, refried beans and handmade flour and corn tortillas. There will be a charge for substitutions.

El Gallito

Huarache, beans, eggs and salsa with your choice of chicharrón or barbacoa.


Corn sincronizadas, two eggs, with red and green salsa.

Sol y Luna
$8.69 / Add cactus $1.00

Two eggs, grilled panela and avocado.

Potato & Egg ... $6.69

Bacon & Egg ... $7.99

Ham & Egg ... $7.99

Machacado con Huevo ... $8.99

Atropellado ... $9.49

Migas & Egg ... $6.69

Chorizo & Egg ... $7.99

Rancheros Egg ... $5.99

A la Mexicana Egg

(with Pico de Gallo) ... $6.19

Add cheese $1.99 / Pico de gallo $0.59 / Grilled queso fresco $2.29

Tacos de la Calle

Fresh handmade corn and flour tortillas every day.

Barbacoa ... $2.89

Machacado con Huevo ... $2.59

Chorizo & Egg ... $2.59

Beef Fajita ... $3.89

Chicken Fajita ... $3.89

Asada ... $3.19

Deshebrada ... $2.59

Bacon & Egg ... $2.09

Potato & Egg ... $1.99

Chicharrón ... $2.59

Migas with Egg ... $2.09

Atropellado ... $2.99

Bean & Cheese ... $1.29

Picadillo ... $2.09

Add cheese $0.39 / Beans $0.19 / Extra tortilla $0.39


Baked, crusty baguette, layered with refried beans and jack cheese, one with tangy chorizo, one with “rajas” poblano pepper with cheese, and one with crispy bacon.

Fruit Salad

With bananas, apples and strawberries. Non fat yogurt and pecans. 12oz.

Queso en Salsa

“Queso Fresco” cubes with salsa ranchera, refried beans on the side.

Oatmeal Plate

With Milk, fruit, pecans & rai- sins, healthy and delicious.

$5.19 / with Blueberries $1.89

Three fluffy buttermilk pancakes. Served with butter and syrup.



Three enchiladas, topped with our homemade mole sauce & queso fresco.

Enchiladas Norteñas

Three chicken or cheese enchiladas, covered with chile guajillo and queso fresco.


Three corn tortillas filled with beef or cheese, dressed with Ranchero Sauce, rice and beans.

Enchiladas Verdes

Three tasty enchiladas, topped with jalapeño-tomatillo sauce and melted oaxaca cheese.


Four crispy corn tortilla tacos, filled with shredded beef or chicken, served with guacamole, cream and queso fresco on top.


Three enchiladas dipped into bean sauce, topped with cheese and cream.


Mexico City Style Corn Tortillas. Thick, oblong masa tortilla, topped with cream and queso fresco, garnished with rice.


Beans, chicken, mole sauce, cream & cheese.

El Apache

Beans, cream, cheese, onions and salsa.

La Estrella

Grilled carne asada, beans, cream & cheese.

El Borracho

Beans, atropellado, cream, cheese and red sauce.

La Sirena

Cactus, grilled queso fresco, ranchero sauce and avocado.

El Sol

Our famous pastor pork, pineapple, beans, cream & cheese.



Beef $12.49 / Chicken $11.49 / Combo $12.99

Tender sliced beef or chicken, in a house marinade sizzled with bell pep- pers and onions, served with guaca- mole and charro beans.


Great combination of sliced, pastor pork and beef arrachera with oaxaca cheese, folded in a large flour tortilla, accompanied by zesty guacamole and pico de gallo.

A Que Burros!
Picadillo $8.49 / Beef $8.49

Three mini flour tortillas, filled with beans and your choice of meat, mild carisa salsa on the side.

Torta de Pierna

Mexico’s most eaten sandwich… by far!! Filled with roasted pork leg, cream, avocado.


Three corn masa gorditas layered with beans, pull Chicken stew and Picadillo topped with green salsa and cheese.

Taco Pirata

12” Flour tortilla, filled with grilled arrachera steak, avocado and oaxaca cheese, served with charro beans.


Giant quesadilla folded in a flour tortilla, with sliced pastor pork and Oaxaca cheese, accompanied by zesty guacamole, charro beans and pico de gallo.


Grilled arrachera steak, served with an enchilada norteña, fluffy rice, refried beans, rajas poblanas and guacamole.

Al Pastor Tacos

Six mini corn tortilla tacos, with our famous pastor pork, garnished with charro beans, pineapple and onion-cilantro.

Chicken $9.69 / Picadillo $9.69

Three tostadas with shredded iceberg, gua- camole & refried beans, topped with cream and farmer’s cheese.

Arrachera Tacos
$10.99 / Add Cheese $1.99

Grilled arrachera steak, folded in six warm corn tortillas, charro beans, pico de gallo and caramelized onions.

Tacos Dorados

Beef picadillo, or shredded chicken, folded in thin corn tortillas fried to golden and crispy accompanied by shredded lettuce, tomato, cream and crumble cheese.



Plain $8.69 / With Beef Fajita $11.29 / With Grilled Chicken $10.69

Flour tortilla filled with Oaxaca cheese and accompanied by guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.


With fresh pico de gallo and tortilla chips.

M $10.69 / L $12.99

Shrimp or fish cured in lime and lemon juice with tomato, onion, pineapple, avocado and cilantro served with tostadas.

Chicharrón de Queso

Grilled & crunchy chihuahua cheese with Mexican chorizo served with flour tortillas or chips.

Vida Sampler

Great for sharing, 4 mini flautas, 4 mini quesadillas, 2 mini Beef Tostada, 2 mini Pork tacos.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood or eggs, may increase your risk of food borne illness.


Tortilla Soup
Cup $6.79 / Bowl $8.99

Ancient aztec recipe, served with chicken, queso fresco, avocado, cilantro, and a dash of chipotle.

Sopa de Fideo
Cup $4.99 / Bowl $6.99

Grandma’s recipe, with or without beans.

Cup $7.29 / Bowl $9.29

Traditional “Colorado” beef stew.

Cup $7.29 / Bowl $9.29

Seasoned hominy soup with diced pork. Garnished with onions, radish- es, lettuce, oregano and crispy tostadas.

Vida Salad
Beef $11.69 / Chicken $10.69

Selection of lettuce leaves, black olives, cucumber, carrots, fresh cheese, tomatoes and our cilantro dressing.

Caldo Tlalpeño
Cup $6.79 / Bowl $8.99

Rich chicken broth with rice, avocado, chicken, vegetables and queso fresco.

Taco Salad
Beef $11.69 / Chicken $10.69

Fresh iceberg lettuce in a crispy tortilla shell, with beans, rice, avocado, diced tomato, cheddar cheese and fried tortilla chips and our house cilantro dressing.

Cactus Salad

Nopalitos strips, pico de gallo, queso fresco, avocado and pumpkin seeds, balsamic vinagrette.


Chicken Fingers

Buttermilk battered chicken breast strips served with house potato and ketchup.


Two flour burritos, filled with beans shredded beef or picadillo, served with refried beans and house potato.


Two mickey mouse butter- milk pancakes.


Orange Juice


Chocolate Milk

Hot Chocolate

Iced Tea

Green Juice

Agua de Jamaica (No refill)

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Lemonade
Coke ZERO (Free refill)
Coca Mexicana

Agua embotellada 20 oz.

Jugo de manzana

Bottle Coke 20 oz.


Arroz con Leche

Warm rice pudding with raisins and cinnamon.

Monterrey Chocolate Cake

Rich Mexican chocolate cake with fresh strawberries.

Flan de la Casa

Homemade caramel custard.

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